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A Dine&Dance event concept.

The perfect evening:
From the "Amuse-Gueule" to the last song on the dancefloor.

The most unforgettable evenings are those, where you spend a good time

with the right people, in the right setting.

This also includes good food, drinks and music.

The Eatandbeat concept combines all of this in one:

A restaurant that turns into a bar and then into a club over the evening.

By skilfully adapting the sound, furniture and lighting to the respective mood,

the guests are offered a harmonious evening.

All this in one place.



The Corporate Identity. Combines food and music in a simple and elegant appearance.



The first impression. Lighting concept, branding and staging must be coherent.



A well thought-out food concept which is adapted to the needs. Without loss of quality.



There is nothing like the right community. The people around you are important. The rest is add-on.



Communication is everything. The menu cards in the uniform corporate identity.



Time management forces the kitchen into clear procedures.

With the Flying Desert, dinner flows smoothly into a bar evening.



The sound becomes more intense. The mood rises.

The conversations lead to a mixture of dance and conversation.



There is no stopping. At the end of the evening, no one wants to sit on tables any more. Good Vibes only.

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