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An event brand that stands for extraordinary events with a close community.

"Annette Partíe" is a locally conceived event concept in Nuremberg.

The basic idea of the brand is a closely networked community, special locations and the fictional character "Annette".

She organizes the non-profit events, the proceeds of which go 100% to social projects.

A total of 10 events were conceived and carried out over a period of 3 years

and over 3000 EUR in donations were collected.



Development of a word/figurative-mark.
The Indian head as a symbol for the community.
It was created from a hand drawing by the artist Kristina Jurik.

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Implementation of the created corporate identity in social media and online platforms.
Creation of an own website for the brand.



Staged. - The brand slogan: "WE.ARE.ANÍCE"
Light and room concept in a 3000 sqm industrial hall.
Organization and realization of events for 250-500 guests.



The DJ on his pulpit.
Light and room concept in a modern free church.

Designing rooms temporarily and thus creating unique locations.
Experience architecture in the interior and exterior space.
The use of light, furniture and sound creates unique backdrops.


Event Teaser
Conception and realization of video productions in cooperation with Watzka Media Productions.



A strong brand and a strong community.
It's the people who make it happen. In combination with a coherent brand concept:
"That special atmosphere"



Honest support.
With the donations Annette Partíe supports the social project Saude Crianca in Florianopolis, Brazil.
There is personal contact to the people in charge.
The support arrives directly at the project and can help immediately.



Marketing at all levels.
The development and design of an own beer in cooperation with the Enzensteiner brewery.

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